Are you marketing with grace?

Take this quiz and see how you can be!

What do I mean by Marketing with Grace? Grace is when you have style, ease or a sense of gracefulness. Grace is also a gift that comes when you align with your higher self. My program, Marketing with Grace, can bring all this to your marketing efforts. But first, we need to know where you are today. Once you identify your current situation, it's easier to know where you want to go! Find out how you and your business score by taking one of the Marketing with Grace quizzes. Or try them all! Each one takes only a minute and once you fill in your name and email, you'll immediately receive a response that tells you how you scored!


Quiz: Pillar One — THE TRUTH

I can clearly express the deeper why of my business.
I see the next level my business could go to.
I am excited about the greater visibility and contribution this business can give me.
I researched the market before designing my products or services.
I know myself well and am happy with my own sense of power.
The deep why of my business shines through in all my marketing materials.
I know the contribution I want to make to the world.
Today’s market wants and needs my products or services.
I know what I really sell— beyond my products or services.
I regularly use assessment tools such as Human Design or StrengthsFinder.


Quiz: Pillar Two — THE PLAN

I can name my top three business objectives for the coming six months.
I know my marketing objectives and how they support my business objectives.
I have a marketing plan that I love.
I know myself well and understand how my personality impacts my business activities.
My financial goals are explicit, defined and clear.
My marketing objectives are in alignment with meeting my financial goals.
I can list the resources that support me in meeting my goals and objectives.
My marketing plan is infused with my whole self, not just the logical me.
I often look to my networks, skills, mentors, educational materials and inner strengths to support my business.
I know the trends in the market where my products/services are sold and use that information to make marketing decisions.


Quiz: Pillar Three — THE MESSAGE

I know the exact type of client I like to sell my products or services to.
Working with my current clients fulfills me.
Many of my clients found me on their own.
I know how my products or services are unique from other similar products/services.
I know who my competition is, what they offer and how I’m different.
I can explain how my products or services will benefit a client.
My marketing copy explains the benefits and value of my products or services, not just what they are.
My brand personality is clear to me and others.
My marketing materials reveal my unique essence to the world.
I review my brand, my product or service, and my marketing materials every year to be sure they’re still current.


Quiz: Pillar Four — THE PATH

My business offers a defined path for my clients to move through and engage with my products or services.
I have an easy procedure for scheduling and meeting with new clients.
There are additional ways for clients to continue to engage with my business beyond the initial purchase.
I feel great about selling to potential clients.
My clients work with or purchase from me repeatedly.
I regularly follow up with past and current clients as well as potential clients.
I make new products and services every year or so.
I respond to situations that come up within my business—good or bad— with ease and excitement.
I continually find new business opportunities presenting themselves to me.
I’m conscious of the personal growth I need in order to grow my business.



If you think grace could help your business grow to the next level, let's talk. In 30 minutes, you'll get tips and ideas for your marketing and understand if your business can benefit from the Marketing with Grace coaching program. And don't worry, I only work with clients that I can truly help. I'm happy to refer you to other sources that can support you in your marketing journey if we aren't a fit. Schedule time with me by clicking this button for a quick phone call. It's never been so easy to step forward with grace!