Stop Hiding, Start ShininG: Marketing Support for Those Who’d Rather Not


Stop Hiding, Start ShininG: Marketing Support for Those Who’d Rather Not

​YES! You can get the business you ​truly want
​Grab this guide and learn ​why "experts" may not know what your biz needs

​​Marketing ​with ease.

Marketing doesn't have to be the way the gurus tell you to do it. It doesn't have to feel icky or forced. Instead,  it can feel easy, natural, and in alignment with your highest self.  Graceful and joyful even. When this happens, the gap between wanting to be seen and the reality of sweaty palms and resistance closes. Leaving you on a foundation of "I've got this." All that marketing advice out there is isn't personalized to your specific business—it's usually others telling you how they did it and if you just follow their system...you've heard that before, am I right? Or the advice is meant for much larger companies which is totally different than the typical entrepreneur. This is why it can feel too much or just not your thing.

​Grow yourself. Grow your business. 

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Does the hype around marketing leave you feeling irritated? Do you dread coming off spammy and salesy to get your business seen and heard? Do you think growing your business means doing things you don’t want to do? Dive into The Reluctant Marketer and learn a new approach. Stop seeing marketing as an endless to-do list, and embrace it as a path for being fulfilled.

​​​​​My approach will support you in feeling ease more than reluctance​.​ Not only in the outer—leaving you feeling like a fraud on the inside—nor on only the inner—pushing off your success until you’re ​finally confident. ​ ​​​​​​Growing your business ​never felt so good!

​​TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP ​toward​ ​your next success

​If you ​are ready to ​grow yourself and grow your business, ​we should talk. ​Check out my full coaching package here or my mini package here. If one of these calls to you, let's connect and see if we should do it together. 


​My practice is currently full but I will have spots opening in mid January of 2019. We can have a conversation now about whether this work will benefit you, and if so, make sure you are first in line when a spot opens. Don't keep pushing off your success!

Marketing doesn’t have to feel sleazy or forced. It can be graceful and joyful. It can feel easy, natural, and alignment with your highest self.


​Irene S.

​Working with you literally changed my life. Everything is different now, I mean everything. Whatever ​it cost, it was a total ​deal. ​I got a lot more than I thought I was getting, branding and marketing, plus ​​dealing with this issue that's been with me my whole life. I wouldn't be here where I am if it wasn't for our work together. Thank you, thank you!

​True contentment comes from being happy with ​the speed at which you're moving.